About us

Society is colleagues, friends, that is, people who are not indifferent to the troubles of others.

When Russia attacked our neighbors in Ukraine, many people found themselves in a difficult situation – they lost their jobs, money, loved ones, and above all, a sense of security.

Children suffered greatly, for whom war is an incredible trauma. Elderly people who find it difficult to take care of themselves and their needs without the help of others require a lot of support.

Let’s not forget about our “little brothers” – abandoned animals who are afraid of shots, explosions, hiding in ruins without access to water and food, unable to ask for help. They often get injured.

Therefore, many times privately, just from the heart’s desire, we went to Ukraine to help and support our neighbors. But this turned out to be insufficient, so we decided to establish a Fund, which as an official organization will allow us to provide a wider range of assistance.

Our efforts to create the Fund have been ongoing since June 2022, although Ukraine is not as relevant today, we do not stop our activities and are confident that we will provide assistance as long as it is needed.