It’s time to introduce ourselves 💙

The Kamraci Foundation has been operating since 2023, however, our activities date back to the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Sensitive to the suffering of others, we went privately to the attacked areas many times to help. Our current team for the first few months of the conflict was present in all key relief efforts along with other organizations involved. We transported hundreds of animals from the attacked areas to Poland, where they could start a new life. We supported both civilians and armed forces.

These activities resulted in the need to establish a Foundation that would allow for a wider range of assistance. And here we are!💙💛 From the beginning of our activity, we support both animals and people. We saw and heard different stories. Each of them is equally important to us. War is a terrible place where every little bit of humanity counts.

Although today Ukraine has ceased to be a “hot topic”, we do not stop in our activities and we are sure that we will provide assistance as long as it is needed.