On March 31, we are going to Ukraine again with supplies for the army, abandoned dogs and the most needy. We managed to collect a large amount of bandages, dressings, blankets and disinfectants. There was also a dry lunch and plenty of food for the animals. Our befriended shelter in Ukraine is currently taking care of almost 1,000 animals rescued from the razed cities. Maintaining such a place during the war is a real challenge.

Our boys came back safe and sound, although it wasn’t without adventures (thank you to the helpful souls on the route in repairing the car 😉 ). Each subsequent journey is more and more difficult – the views we find on the spot are terrifying with the amount of cruelty and injustice. We can’t convey these emotions to you, tears come to us at the memory of what we saw. Interest in Ukraine is declining and the situation is very bad. The enormity of suffering, bestiality towards people and animals terrifies us.

We experienced an impossible gratitude for our help. The needs on the frontline change little. People try to live as normal as possible. They just want peace and an end to the war. Opportunities for a dignified life.

We know very well that interest in war is declining, but should it? The fierceness to fight, however, does not decrease, and is even more than admirable! That is why we do not stop in action. We are planning further actions, and soon we will start with collections.

💛We would like to thank everyone involved, in particular Pompidu, Odessa Market and Damian Dziatkowiak for their amazing commitment, and all our neighbors and comrades! We have no words to describe our gratitude. Thanks to you, we can help better and on a larger scale.💙